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Andrew Hall Holt

Colonel, U.S. Army Engineers

Andrew Hall Holt was a Lieutenant in the Army Reserve and a Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Vermont when the United States entered the First World War. He served with the Corps of Engineers in France during the final months of the war, overseeing construction of prisoner of war camps (built in part by the German POWs themselves).

Holt remained in the Reserves, and by the time of Pearl Harbor he was a Colonel. Once again he was deployed to Europe, and following D-Day he was tasked once again with the construction of POW camps in France.

One day Col. Holt was informed that a German prisoner had asked to speak with him.  The prisoner, a middle-aged man, was brought to him. He said, "Colonel, I recognized you from a distance. We were each in the same situation not far from here a generation ago. The world has made very little progress." 

Col. Holt was a Professor of Engineering at Worcester Tech at the time of his death in 1955 at the age of 65. His son, Lt. Col Winfield Holt, was a graduate of West Point who served multiple tours in Vietnam.